Sub Domain set up problem

September 17, 2015 1.4k views
DNS Apache

say I own this domain (, In order for laravel 5 to work, I need to configure AllowOverride all for sub domain as well.

1 . I create api.conf as following

<VirtualHost *:80>
  DocumentRoot /var/www/html/api/public
  <Directory "/var/www/html/api/public">
    AllowOverride all
  1. then I run a2ensite api.conf

  2. service apache2 reload.
    However, When I type in, it display this This webpage is not available ERRNAMENOT_RESOLVED

Something wrong along the way, any ideas or suggests? thank you

1 Answer


Have you made an A record (or cname) for the subdomain you would like to use? This error is shown when a hostname for example isn't getting resolved by the DNS nameservers.

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