Subdomain in NGNIX Laravel and Wordpress in same instance

March 20, 2019 380 views
LEMP Applications Ubuntu 18.04

Hi, I am using a LEMP stack droplet. My domain is a WordPress site and is a Laravel application. What is the best way of doing this?
I am planning to install SSL and CircleCI (CI CD) with both of the sites.


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Great question. What you’re going to use for this is called Server Blocks. With this you will be able to re-route traffic to various locations on the server, based on the URL that is calling for them. Though this tutorial was for Ubuntu 16, I’m quite positive that nothing has changed in 18 relative to this:


by Justin Ellingwood
When using the Nginx web server, server blocks (similar to the virtual hosts in Apache) can be used to encapsulate configuration details and host more than one domain off of a single server. In this guide, we'll discuss how to configure server blocks in Nginx on an Ubuntu...
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