Subdomain pointing to regular domain for rails app.

Posted September 21, 2019 2k views
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I have a domain registered that’s pointing to my rails app. That’s working all well and good. I decided to add a second rails app that I wanted a subdomain to point to.

I setup up second nginx server block with the server_name set to and I setup my A record for my subdomain that’s pointing to the same droplet that my domain is pointing to, and I set the root for my second app to the public folder of my seconds rails app (in my /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/secondrailsapp file)

When I enter the subdomain in the url bar, I just get the regular website, as if I was only entering the domain. However, the subdomain is still in the URL so I know it’s setup, it’s just not pointing to the correct app. Any ideas?

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is this a bad question?


It sounds like that your DNS was setup correctly. I believe that it is either an issue with your Nginx configuration or file permissions problem.

What I would suggest is:

  • First run a config test for Nginx:
nginx -t
  • If you get Syntax OK then restart Nginx:
systemctl restart nginx

Then test your site again. If this is still not working, then I would recommend making sure that your root directory for your second domain has the correct ownership:

chown -R nginx:nginx /var/www/second_rails_app

Then test the site again, try to clear the cache of your browser before testing the site.

If this still does not work, I would recommend sharing your Nginx server blocks here so that I could advise you further.