Subdomain VHost File. It works, but not for the subdomain

July 7, 2018 497 views
Apache Ubuntu 18.04 Networking

I’ve followed countless questions and tutorials on DigitalOcean and other sites on creating a vhost file. I’ve done it, and I can get my site, to display a page. However, does not. I copied the Vhost file from and changed it for Yet doesn’t show.

I even went and disabled’s vhost and now website is showing up when I visit So, I know the vhost file works. I know there are zero issues in permissions. So what gives?

I’ve got the subdomain as an AName in DO’s preferences. Pointing to the same droplet (I only have the one droplet). It’s been two days so TTL should have updated. Right? What am I missing?

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Hello friend!

This is usually something very minor and easy to overlook. It looks like you are using Apache, so with that in mind, what values do you have for these variables in each virtual host?


Make sure you don’t have a wildcard (like * on one of them.

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