Subdomains On The Fly, but different IPs

November 14, 2017 1.7k views
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My team and I are creating a service that when user request, it creates a new server instance on the fly, with a different IP for each new instance. The issue is that I'm connecting from a client via WebSockets to that newly created server. But I need it to be SSL certificated. So I can't use just the IP.

So, what I'm thinking is to create a subdomain for each one of this server instances. The only issue here is that I need the subdomain to be available super quick, and I don't know if I can trust the DNS propagation times for this.

Is there any solution to this? Like having my own routing server that have a Wildcard Subdomain and then route the traffic based on that? I think I can't use Apache or those kind of solutions because it's not only HTTP/S traffic that I'm handling.

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I've built a system like this for a side project using the DO API to create and update A records when new droplets are created. Personally I've never run into propagation issues using this method and subdomains are available pretty much instantly.

If you do have concerns about this option your best bet may be to self-host your DNS so you would have full control over your TTL settings.

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