Subdomains where nameservers are not changeable.

January 14, 2018 973 views
DigitalOcean DNS

I have a private domain registered with a UK based company (claranet). On the Domain admin it doesn’t let you change the nameservers so I can’t point them to DigitalOcean.

I have added an A record so that the global domain works pointed to a test virtual host. I’ve also added letsencrypt so that the HTTPS works correctly.

I am trying to add subdomains so I can have <subdomain> or to redirect <www> to but I can’t find any information about what the content of the C record should be so that it will work.

1 Answer

It’s not C record but CNAME record.
You should have:
DNS type A record for main site with DNS value of your Droplet IP

  • ( wildcard ) DNS type CNAME record for all subdomains on with DNS value of or ( some provides need . at the end of the CNAME value ).

This set DNS for main domain to Droplet IP and everything else to main domain.

So has IP , return and that return, return and that return

But if you want to redirect all site users from all sudomains to main domain, you must redirect this with webserver ( Nginx / Apache2 / … ). DNS is one step, redirect via webserver is another step.

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