sudo service nginx start

March 14, 2014 5.4k views
hello, I estoutentando run a rails app but esotu hard to run server I install nginx and do all the traditional processes rvmsudo passenger-install-nginx-module the tutorial digital oceam same quand but I'll run ..   sudo service nginx start he does not even recognize s what nginx anyone have any tips for me? obs was this tutorial and all steps until you reach the   sudo service nginx start were executed without error.
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I would recommend that you check you have installed nginx as I assume you will need it as I believe passenger-install-nginx-module hooks into the base nginx program.

To install nginx please run on Debian/Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install nginx

then try type sudo service nginx start. If nginx does not start or throws an error insure that apache2 is not already running.

Hope this helps :)
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