sudo ufw status return 'inactive'

March 27, 2018 415 views
Nginx Ubuntu 16.04

Trying to set up Nginx in Ubuntu 16.04 following the tutorial given in everyhting is fine but running the command

sudo ufw status

gives inactive.

What is wrong?

Thank you

2 Answers
sudo ufw enable
sudo ufw default deny

And I then do:

sudo iptables -L

Not Sure...

Alternatively instead set up everything you can just use Ubuntu image with LEMP: droplets> destroy> rebuild> choose Ubuntu LEMP > REBUILD

However I face problem that UFW firewall NOT WORKING AT ALL for ubuntu images 16 (with docker) and 17 :

If you found some solution can you test that UFW really works in your case and give me some info?

Alternative2> Instead of UFW you can use Network Firewall accesed by diitalocean web panel

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