sudo: unzip: command not found

November 14, 2015 51.1k views
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I'm moving wordpress (cpanel) to the server, it allowed me to enter the database but moemnto of the wp-content extarer I get this error

4 Answers

Apology for not responding sooner, if I decompress. @BrookDO
Thank you @getrix

sudo apt-get install unzip
sudo: apt-get: command not found

  1. To install zip unzip package in your server - sudo apt-get install zip unzip
  2. Now you can upload the zip into your target destination folder by FTP like Filezilla or command prompt.
  3. Login to Putty and write command cd /var/www/html/otherdir/yourzip_location
  4. sudo unzip

You are done. Hope it helps.

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