suggestion for speed, performance, server optimization .

Posted September 25, 2014 3.9k views

i have a website which was 512Mb Droplet , it had 700,0000 post all imported using data feeds of products. the website database use to crash often , so i upgraded on 1Gb droplet.

But the problem are still the same,

  • website is slow takes too long to load
  • Wordpress Admin panel more slow. *importing more products is still slow (previously it used to import 500 products in 1 minute now it takes more then 15min for it ) *database crashes (before it used to crash 5 times a day ,now 2 times a day).

this are some of the problems i am facing , cant afford higher droplet .being a student , i am tight on budget :(

So guys please help me out by recommending best practice, solutions , plugin, advice regarding this.

Thanks in advance ,

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It is hard to comment without some one gets the access to check your WordPress configuration and plugins.. It’s often some faulty plugin installation or settings causes system resources to overload..

Best practice would be adding a 512MB Swap file..

Follow a basic guide here, but too much swap may also create same issue, so do not use more than 1GB, which I would say max you may have..

Use a caching plugin.. W3TC would be a good option, free plugin and helps a lot to reduce load on server by caching static content !!!

But the amount of data you are talking about, it seem the website is way to big by the way.. See if adding swap and W3TC for WordPress helps.. If not, may be you really need higher plans !!

by Justin Ellingwood
Swap space can be used as an "overflow" area for your system when you run out of RAM. The operating system can store data that would normally be kept in RAM on the hard drive in a specially formatted file. In this guide, we'll demonstrate how to create and use one of these files in Ubuntu 14.04.
  • i had already added the swap, but no help from it.

    i will also try using W3TC but i am afraid it will create problem as my site update daily.

    i had done speed test by PingDom , i dont know why the connect time is too high.

    Being a Student i couldn’t use the higher plan.. hope you understand.

    thanks in advance .

  • We are on the same boat about the price control..

    May I know, what is the size of the swap and have you tested whether the W3TC is functional or not ??

    Connect time may be high because of your location also..

    Try migrating to some other region !!

If you are running Apache, trying switching to Nginx. Thats what did it for me