Support center timings?

June 28, 2019 108 views

Hello, I'm new at DigitalOcean, so I ask you for information. I opened two tickets (#02787015 - #02788893) but in two days nobody answered.
What are the response times based on your experience?
Being still in the test period, they are fundamental to the choice.


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Hey there,

We wanted to hop in and apologize for the long reply times you are seeing. Our team is aware that certain replies are falling behind on schedule; leadership on our end is working on efforts across multiple fronts (policy, hiring, etc.) to improve things.

I'll be taking a look at these tickets you opened and will reply as soon as possible. In the future, opening a single ticket for an issue is recommended as additional tickets for the same issue can cause additional delays getting to other tickets. This compounded over a large number of people can really speed things up.

Ethan Fox
Developer Support Engineer II - DigitalOcean

Thanks Ethan. For now your service is decidedly good and simple to set up, therefore even the assistance has the same quality, there are no other problems.
After 16 years of reselling hosting services, I learned that the timing in case of problems makes the difference between holding and losing a customer more than other technical optimizations...

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