Support for CouchDB with NodeJS

December 3, 2015 1.6k views
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I have an application using Ionic, Angular & CouchDB. Can I run that on DigitalOcean. I’ve only seen the MEAN stack, not the CAN (Couch Angular Node) Stack

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Yes, you can just install nodejs and CouchDB on for example an Ubuntu droplet. If you search on the net you can find alot of tutorials how to, example, and if you need any help you can just ask me>

by Kulshekhar Kabra
[Apache CouchDB](, like Redis, Cassandra, and MongoDB, is a *NoSQL database*. CouchDB stores data as JSON documents which are non-relational in nature. This allows users of CouchDB to store data in ways that look very similar to their real world counterparts. You can manage CouchDB from the command line or from a web interface called Futon. Futon can be used to perform administrative tasks like creating and manipulating databases, documents, and users for CouchDB.
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