Switching from a Shared Hosting Service to a Droplet

Posted October 5, 2018 5k views
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I’ve been reading a lot about the digital ocean, and well, I currently have a shared hosting with another company, and I feel unsatisfied with it because I only have outdated packages, and makes me hard, try and develop stuff to show, or host, there.

Currently I have, a Wordpress, and a Static Site (just HTML’s with javascript), but I am starting to develop some web applications, and I really would like to be able to host them, somewhere, but I can’t find a decent hosting service to do it, so now I’m thinking on a droplet, and this would help me host everything in the same service, I guess, even do a little bit of development and testing.

But I’m not sure, what kind of droplet will be able to handle this kind of load, a part of me says that a basic one of 1Gb of ram and 25Gb of storage is enough because I compare it with my current hosting specs.

I haven’t checked the tutorials, but Is there a way to manage In a cPanel like way?

What I’m worried is to have to manually install everything, to do the configs, I mean, I can do it, but this would be my first time doing all this bootstrapping for the server.

Any Suggestion? which documentation should I read?, or what plan should I get?
Is it worth moving from a shared hosting to host my applications?

Keep In mind, the switch Is in order to assist my project developments, and also host my sites (that are only 2, probably 3 in a near future)

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Hi Mike

You can start with the 1GB plan and upgrade should you start hitting thresholds. Just keep monitoring your RAM usage. cPanel costs between $12 to $15/mo so I’m not sure this is something you want to get. There’s also Virtualmin/Webmin, which does everything you’re wanting to do (WordPress / HTML / web dev).

Keep in mind that all of this needs familiarity with Linux and the command line. I’m not sure if you have some experience in this area under your belt as that would definitely be needed. I also help manage servers for people so there’s always the possibility of hiring a third party that’ll set things up for you and help you as needed.


  • I’m perfectly comfortable with Linux, and CLI tools, but not as much with networking (I only develop not actually deploy, or at least no like this), this is why I’m a little bit worried, I didn’t know cPanel had a cost, I would have to look for something similar but opensource or something.

    What I want to do, is to be able to use PostgreSQL, as I usually do during development but In an actual live server, and Upload my mini-systems, to test, and probably leave up running,

    Also some Jupyter notebooks, so I can give Interactive examples, (but this would be hard to control the code running on the notebooks, I guess, still I need to look into this more).

    What I want is to actually work instead of been worried about the settings as much.

    • Webmin/Virtualmin is free and open source though I’m not familiar with Jupyter’s stack to be helpful in that regard. Virtualmin comes with PostgreSQL too and based on what you’ve described it should work OK. I definitely understand you don’t have time to waste on the ops part so a control panel will help.