Switching from Cloudlfare to DigitalOcean name servers without drop?

February 21, 2017 981 views
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I’m in the process of moving my website from Webfaction to DigitalOcean. My email is Google Apps hosted with DNS running through Cloudflare. So far, the experience with DO has been really great (even though I’m not technically skilled at all) so I’ve been thinking of skipping Cloudflare all together.

If I set up all the correct DNS servers for Gmail for my domain in DO - will I be able to make the move without any drops as soon as I switch name servers?

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Woet February 21, 2017
Accepted Answer

You'l lose all CF features if you do. Configure the DNS in your DO panel first and then change nameservers.

  • Thanks! Is it something you’d recommend me to do or not? I don’t have insane traffic to my website and the reason I thought about it was purely to “loose the middle man” although that analogy might not be suitable for this particular story.

    • Cloudflare will get you SSL, a global CDN, DDoS protection and more. Up to you if you want that.

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