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Posted September 28, 2014 3k views

I’m not a programmer but my programmer who built my database recommeded D.O.. I have two questions:

  1. Do I “need” a system administrator? My programmer installed the SSL certificate and D.O. has system admins making sure their servers are secure… so, do I need the additional expense of having my server monitored by a system admin? What would they actually be doing? I’m very confused with this part.

  2. Can I run my database on D.O. or is this only for programmers to house while they are building it and then needs to be transferred to a server like rackspace or aws? I do plan on opening my database up to users and would love nothing else than to see 1,000’s of users. Should I be using D.O. only for my programmer and have the live site on AWS or like server?

Thanks so much for your help!

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DO ia great for whatever you need.

1 - A sys admin. could optimize your database and update system software to make sure things run smooth. While one might not be require at full time you might want to have one handy just in case. As always you could find help from the community in case you dont have one in hand.

2 - DO is actually great, and can be use for whatever you want. I seen people who use DO as a
back end for their application and just host the database. There is no need to transfer to aws or rackspace. And as your database grows you can grow you server with DO

Hope this answer your question.

  • +1 on both of @aguilar1181’s points.

    Having someone on hand who is familiar with your system is probably a good idea. They could do weekly checks to make sure things are running smoothly, run updates, etc.

    Meanwhile, you could invest some time into learning the ropes and eventually you would not need an admin.