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March 4, 2019 853 views


I have joined a new Team in DO and have got a read-write API key from that team account, however when I do a “doctl compute droplet list” I can’t see any of the droplets that have been created.

Doing a –trace on the doctl command show that a 200 code is returned, so not sure what is happening here, could someone please assist?



  • Hey Jerry - that does sound odd, just to be sure your saved doctl API key is the one from your team account - run doctl auth init and it should return something like: Using token[YOUR_TOKEN]

  • A. OK - it looks like the account details are mine, not the team - how do I change this?
    B. Looks like it’s using the token I generated, but not going to the team account..

    Is there some configuration needed on the team account to get this working?

2 Answers

Hey Jerry - Once you’ve confirmed that the currently configured doctl auth token found in line one of ~/.config/doctl/config.yaml is not linked to your team account, you have two options:

  1. Overwrite the default token - on OSX, open up ~/.config/doctl/config.yaml in a text editor, and replace the access-token at the top with your Team API Token. Now all of your doctl commands will be directed at your Team
  2. Add an auth-context for the team - Follow these instructions for adding a second DigitalOcean account in doctl. You’ll basically need to run doctl auth init --context my-team-name and then either switch contexts using doctl auth switch or include the team context as an argument in other doctl commands with doctl compute droplet list --context my-team-name

Hope that solves your problem!

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