Teamspeak 3 Server Max Recommended clients

December 24, 2014 3.8k views

I'm wondering how many clients can DigitalOcean's $5 server handle?

I have 100 members, can I handle them all at once or do I need to upgrade to the $10 server package.

Thank you for taking your time in answering my question

2 Answers

I have had a $5 VPS hold 300 at one time with no issues.

I have a $10 VPS now that runs 600+ clients. Though at 600-800 clients the bandwidth starts to become an issue. So I would say no more 700 on any one VPS on DO.

I have a $10 vps with teamspeak and a simple wordpress install... I am maxed out CPU and RAM for no reason... only things running on the server is teamspeak and wordpress... shouldn't be having this..

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