Teamspeak 3 Server - terminating with uncaught exception of type boost

November 26, 2016 1.8k views
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Hello, I bought a package on DigitalOcean yesterday, and I'm just beggining to learn how to work with everything, now, I had setup my teamspeak 3 server and while I was configuring the channels and everything else, the server shutdown.

I tried booting it back online and it gave me this error:
terminating with uncaught exception of type boost::filesystem::filesystemerror: boost::filesystem::directoryiterator::construct: Permission denied: "files/virtualserver1/channel2"

Any ideas on how I can fix it?

Kind regards.

  • What kind of permissions do you use? Do an ls -l in your directory.

  • Hey man, I appreciate you trying to help me, but I ended up fixing it.
    I appreciate your help though! =) Always good to know there's someone there.

    King regards.

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@eXawN Would be appreciated to tell what your problem was in here ;) So others know what to do when they have the same problem

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