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November 24, 2018 2.5k views
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I am working to build my personal and professional infrastructure from the group up using Terraform on DigitalOcean.

The issue I am having is setting up my primary domain name. When created it automatically enters three NS records pointing to ns{1,2,3}.digitalocean.com which of course makes sense.

However I am trying to achieve vanity nameservers as outlined in this article:

Here is the script attempting to modify ns1

resource "digitalocean_record" "ns" {
    domain = "${digitalocean_domain.domain.name}"
    type = "NS"
    name =  ""
    value = "ns1.${digitalocean_domain.domain.name}."
    ttl = "1800"

This fails due to the name being empty. Adding a value produces an undesired result.

I would like to either not have these entries entered if possible or edit/modify them.

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Hey friend,

Great question! Our API does require the name field. We accept an "@" symbol as simply referring to the root domain.


  • My name is Jason

    Thank you though, I did figure out the @ aspect. However I am still left with the question on how to convert the NS records to that of those mentioned in the previously mentioned article.

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