The backend responded with an error

March 27, 2019 378 views

I want to put a domain on another droplet and I get this error "The backend responded with an error".

What does this mean? What can I do?

Just an hour ago I could switch this domain to another droplet and now it is suddenly impossible...

2 Answers

15 minutes later it worked again...

I can't stop but laugh at this. It happened with me also and i was so nervous and almost started panicking. Imagine being the Head IT guy and managing all the work which contains infinite numbers of prodissertationhelp data and in a second watch it all go blank. My heart just sank at that moment and i started looking up everything i can find to retrieve it but nothing worked. I put my head down and started to think about the humiliation which i was about to face once the news gets out and as i looked up after 10 minutes, everything was back on working.

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