The image for this droplet does not use root passwords, please use an SSH key

October 6, 2014 4.4k views

I’m trying to create a coreos instance via API like this , however I’m getting error response as per the subject and I’m not quite sure why as I am indeed passing my DO sshkeyid in the POST-ed json.

Anyone ideas ?

  • You will most likely need to let us know the query you are running (with the API key masked) otherwise I don’t see how we could know.

    EDIT: Just saw the “this”, sorry, dots were too tiny for me to see!

  • There is a link to github gist in my question - click on word “this” and you’ll be redirected to it.

  • What’s the value of $DO_SSH_KEY_ID ? From the API docs, it should be:

    An array containing the IDs or fingerprints of the SSH keys that you wish to embed in the Droplet’s root account upon creation.

    I’d guess that the ID you are providing doesn’t match a key in the system.

  • Bingo! That was it. Incorrect SSH key id! The error message is utterly confusing imho....Thanks!

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