The referal program is kind of great, why not extend the concept to a donate button ?

February 20, 2015 1.5k views

What do you think of a Digitalocean button some website visitors could use to give credits to the website server account ?
It would be a cleaner option than a paypal donate button in a lot of case, the idea is to provide a way for visitors to support a website hosting through time.
Are there legal issues to expect ?

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Paypal donate should work the same way, not sure DO wants to mess around on such tasks when paypal already do that, as any CC transaction has a cost and some times if the amount is small it may not worth it.

I'm not sure I made myself clear, I didn't meant the same as a paypal button, I meant the money would go directly to the DigitalOcean credits, so I think it wouldn't add any CC transaction cost, more than the owner adding credits would. But I understand the time required to implement such a feature is not worth any benefit to DO, except a little advertising.
I conclude it could be a little nice extra feature for a few special case, but probably not worth it overall.

  • Hi! This is an interesting idea, and it's something that we've thought about in the past. For now, we've decided that it not something we want to do when there are already many services out there specifically dedicated to helping projects raise money. Though, we're always looking for ways to help open source projects. Feel free to reach out to sponsorships@digitalocean.com if there's a project that could use some help with hosting.

  • Thanks for the tip Andrew. In fact I was thinking about my open source CSS regression testing tool project at http://succss.ifzenelse.net which I recently released on a DigitalOcean droplet. I'll be sure to reach out if I feel the need, when the project grows.

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