The requested URL /mediawiki/index.php was not found on this server.

September 16, 2015 7.3k views
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Hello today i install wordpress with your tutorial.

I got following error
The requested URL /mediawiki/index.php was not found on this server. - don't work and i don't know why.

I was installing media wiki on my debian server jessie.
All was very well except this.

Thank you for your help.



1 Answer

The tutorial you used is not written for Debian Jesse. As it is geared towards Ubuntu 12.04, the default web root for apache is shown as /var/www. On Ubuntu 14.04 and newer and Debian 8 (jesse) and newer the default web root is now /var/www/html

  • is some way to fix it ?

    • Yes. You will simply need to change the symlink you created while following that tutorial and replace it with an updated one.

      unlink /var/www
      mkdir /var/www
      ln -s /etc/mediawiki /var/www/html

      The first line should remove the symlink.
      The second line will make the /var/www directory (that was previously a symlink)
      The third line will create a new symlink using the /var/www/html location instead of the outdated /var/www one.

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