the support simply doesn't work

August 9, 2017 793 views
DigitalOcean CentOS

i have many tickets unresolved in my account, they simply ignoring me, whats happening? i need some response!

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  • I can confirm that DO support ignores customers; how sad! I expected better; a clients droplet was compromised; they turned it off saying I should make data backups and let them know so they set me up to retrieve the data; I have sent over 7 mails, not one response. The business is running on paper; this was running a very critical ERP software and now they wont even respond or make my droplet available so I get the database. Really deeply disappointing.

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How long have you been waiting before you decided they’re ignoring you?

  • Even this thread is ignored like many others; it tells a lot…

    • If your droplet runs “very critical ERP software”, why did you let it get compromised? Where are your off-site backups? Where is your redundancy? How long has your ticket been open?

      • That’s a matter for another topic; I was given access and I have my database backup and if they respond and setup my access; I can take the backup and build another image. summarily after over a week and over 10 mails from me, no one has written even an alphabet to me; which is totally distasteful; it has nothing to do with whether I have backups or not! I have never regretted anything more....

        even big big companies get compromised; even Government websites; so that’s not the point of this; customer care is a responsibility; whether the client is stupid or wise… I have hosted over 50 websites on inmotionhosting and other companies and these guys respond to even ‘stupid’ clients.

        It’s an utter shame…

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