the website under the domain is not working

May 8, 2016 1.2k views
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hi there,

i got the droplet from an ex-employee
i don't have access to anything but the website is not working for 2 systems/websites we have

can anyone help with that?

1 Answer

You will need to reach out to our support team by emailing contact@digitalocean to attempt to regain access to the account and your droplet. If the account was set up in your ex-employees name and with their payment information this will likely not be possible and you will have to start over. If you are responsible for the payment details on the account or have access to your company email so that you can receive messages sent to the address on the account our team should be able to help you get access.

Note: Our support team may request a photo or scan of a government issued photo ID to verify that you are the cardholder on file if you do not otherwise have access to the account.

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