the www subdomain not working!?

July 27, 2017 1.5k views
Nginx Ubuntu 16.04

My domain, is working but is not working..

DNS records are :

Example link
My sites-available/default file

# Default server configuration
server {
        listen 80 default_server;
        listen [::]:80 default_server;

        # SSL configuration
        # listen 443 ssl default_server;
        # listen [::]:443 ssl default_server;
        # Note: You should disable gzip for SSL traffic.
        # See:
        # Read up on ssl_ciphers to ensure a secure configuration.
        # See:
        # Self signed certs generated by the ssl-cert package
        # Don't use them in a production server!
        # include snippets/snakeoil.conf;

        root /var/www/html;

        # Add index.php to the list if you are using PHP
        index index.html index.htm index.nginx-debian.html;


        location / {
                # First attempt to serve request as file, then
                # as directory, then fall back to displaying a 404.

1 Answer

Hi @sushantshekhar20

I’m seeing just fine - it actually redirects me to HTTPS.
Try clearing your browser cache (or close and open your browser).

And the configuration you’ve posted is for HTTP-only (port 80) - not for HTTPS (port 443).

  • same happened with me, my configuration was correct but I simply had to open incognito or clear my cache, thanks!

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