"This site can't be reached" I can access via SFTP/SSH

July 9, 2019 119 views

My site suddenly just stopped responding after creating another droplet with another DO account. Although I can access via SFTP/SSH, the only way I can see my site is from my phone on data or from other devices.

So it seems to me the problem is my DNS cache or proxy. Any suggestions?

2 Answers

@necoinsamx Can you provide us with the domain name you are seeing issues with?

Based on the information available, it sounds like a DNS issue.

You could also check this site here to make sure that your DNS is setup correctly:


Hope that this helps!

  • Thanks Bob, I double checked my DNS ( and my droplet pointing to the right address. I still can’t make it work

    • Can you try pinging the domain name and make sure that you get the correct IP?

      Also try to ping the www version as well.

      Have you made any changes to your local hosts file recently?


      • I found out later that my IP address was being blocked by fail2ban so I managed to whitelist it via SFTP.

        Thank you for replying :)

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