To use Mailgun for Ghost I have to switch back to namecheap default DNS

July 19, 2014 3.6k views

Hello everyone!

As described here, I created an account with Mailgun to handle my Ghost blog emails.

As you can see here, to use my domain, bought with Namecheap, I need to verify it adding the TXT records given by Mailgun.

When I bought my domain, following this guide I chose to change the default Namecheap DNS to Digital Ocean DNS. But, as I read on Namecheap, I can add TXT records only if I keep the default nameservers.

Now I don't know what to do, since I don't really know the pros and cons of using default DNS or Digital Ocean DNS. Do you suggest me to change back to Namecheap DNS (will I see a difference?) or should I keep Digital Ocean DNS and not use Mailgun?

Thank you!

2 Answers

I actually just did this on Digital Ocean's DNS manager (I was setting up something mail-related as well). They definitely let you add TXT records.

On the "DNS" link in your DO control panel, click the "Add Record" button in the top and click the TXT record. The name is probably just "@" (no quotes) and the text is whatever Mailgun tells you.

I had to wrap mine in quotes because there was white space, but it might be different for you.

I'm not sure of the pros/cons of using NameCheap (or whatever registrar's) DNS vs. DO's, but it works either way.

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