Total resource usage for billing period

December 1, 2014 1.5k views

So the graphs are a nice feature to see usage at a given time (however would be nice to have RAM usage as well). But as droplets have a max disk and bandwidth, how are we able to see these number so we know we are close to the max?

2 Answers

Currently you would have to check your disk usage from within your droplet by using

df -h

Bandwidth usage is currently not displayed in the control panel but this is being worked on. Until these statistics are available in the control panel we are not charging for bandwidth used in excess of your plan limits.


It's already shown as df -h or df -m command..

There is one more tool I use for internal monitoring, that is vnstat.. install that, it would count the total / monthly and daily bandwidth usage !!


For disk -> df -h
For RAM -> free -m
For Bandwidth -> vnstat (installation needed)


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