tracking the status of email from sendgrid

July 26, 2017 1.2k views
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Hello, our server sends mails for user using sendgrid, i couldn’t find the command on linux that tracks the status of these emails.
The second problem is that someone called d@none uses our emails to send message for user.
Please any help ?

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If you’re offloading e-mail to SendGrid, you’d most likely need to check the status from their CP.

When using a third-party provider, you’re sending through their API or SMTP servers, thus tracking is going to be limited to the details that they provide (though last I recall, they provide quite a bit of info when it comes to status).

When it comes to the user you’re mentioning, it could be a default setting for django. I’m not seeing any references for that specific user right off, though I’d check the configuration to see if perhaps that’s a placeholder.

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