Transfer a domain from cPanel to DO?

June 24, 2017 1.4k views
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I have a domain name which is pointed to a shared hosting server. I no longer have access to the domain’s name servers. But I want my domain to be transferred to Digital Ocean server. I can’t change name servers ofcourse! Is there any other way I could point the domain to Digital Ocean servers? I have full access to the DNS zone editor in the cpanel though.
If possible, what records do I have to edit/add to point the domain to my new DO server?

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Hi @arximughal

Login to your domain registrar and change name servers. If you don’t have login access, but you’re the registered contact in the whois details of the domain, then you can contact the registrar to gain control.

If CPanel is controlling the current DNS, then you can use the Simple DNS Zone Editor and delete previous A-records for your domain and
Then you create new A-records in place of the deleted ones and input the IP-address of your DigitalOcean droplet.

May I recommend that you gain control of your domain - if you lose control of your domain, it’s close to useless and it would be better to get a new domain.

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