Transfer database data remotelly to DO, constraints help

May 4, 2018 1k views
Ubuntu 18.04 PostgreSQL Django

I want to transfer remotely data to DO, Postgress database;

The database is already created, bur is almost empty(initial django migration)

I want to get data from a local database(same structure), but when I want to restore I get:

ERROR: insert or update on table “someTable” violates foreign key constraint “aConstraintName”

I understand that I need to remove some constraints, but I need clear steps.

2 Answers

Can you clarify what steps you have taken in the export and import process up to the point that you see this error? The more context that can be provided, the more likely we will be able to determine what you can do to correct this issue.

I don’t use import/export; in modified pg_hba.conf and postgresql.conf to allow me to connect remotely.

I did with pg_admin a backup.

I connect to the DO database, I use restore using the local backup.

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