Transfer files from old Bluehost server to my new Droplet

January 21, 2019 404 views
WordPress Ubuntu 18.04


I am new to Digital Ocean, learning as I go. I did the one click install of Wordpress on the Ubuntu 18.04 server. I’ve already backed up my previous site from where I had it on Bluehost. So I have my Database, wp-content folder, installer.php files, etc. I also reviewed the installation of LAMP, and made sure everything was there through the Terminal via SSH.

When I access my Droplet IP, I can now see the Hello World - Wordpress site. But now I am just stuck from here, how can I transfer all of my old files so that the site looks exactly the same as it did on the previous host?

Would this be through SFTP, or can I go about this? Please advice. Thank you, loving Digital Ocean so far!

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Hi, a few folks have done this sort of migration and asked this sort of question already, here’s a helpful example:

There’s also migration advice in the WordPress docs. How the helps and welcome to DigitalOcean!

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