Trying To Add A Mail Server Broke My Site...

March 5, 2014 4.1k views
Well it was really me, but I have no idea what happened... Here's the TL;DR I did everything properly according to However this broke a lot. anytime I type my web URL it redirects to /mail and if I try it automatically goes to /mail, which isn't there and I cannot seem to find anything wrong in the apache2 config.d. I also tried adding .htaccess files and the same error still. If I try to access a page that uses cgi-bin I get an authentication required popup, it says it requires authentication. I just want a nice simple solution for email, and this really blew up.
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I believe that's caused by iRedMail. Check for a file called "index.html" in /var/www.
So that file exists but it is my HTML file for my home page.
Edit: Nevermind, My versioning got messed up you are correct sir, that fixed my homepage issue. Do you know anything about the cgi-bin authentication issue?
Edit: Removing that rogue file fixed all errors. THANK YOU
So now that this is fixed...Is there a simple turn key solution for email? I just need one email address that can access non-local emails. Thanks in advance..
@Kamal Nasser had this right. Wish I could mark him as the answer.
Glad it's working now! What do you mean by the cgi-bin auth issue? Can you provide further details?
Removing index.html file fixed all errors. THANK YOU
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