Trying to connect my domain with my website

Posted June 25, 2017 2.5k views

So I own a domain on as of today and I have everything setup correctly with digital ocean put still usable to use my domain. I am also able to go to my websites IP and it will be there. Am I supposed to do something in my .htaccess or my virtual host? If someone has a answer for me thatd be awesome

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  • The domain is just a simple way for humans to connect to websites. To make it simple, the only thing a domain basically does for humans is to translate it into an IP.

    If you want your IP to not be used, you can only make like a 302 move permanent redirection.

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2 answers

By default, the authoritative nameservers for your domain will be those belonging to your registrar (in this case, GoDaddy, the single worst and most evil registrar around; change providers ASAP). You need to either change the autoritative servers in their settings to point to Digital Ocean’s nameservers (if you want to manage DNS on Digital Ocean) or configure DNS on godaddy’s site. For support with godaddy, you’ll have to go to them (though I wouldn’t hold my breath).

  • I have set up the name servers correctly with digitalocean and godaddy and it still doesn’t work. I am thinking it’s an issue with something in my files. Could that be the case?

    • Changing DNS entries takes time to propagate, especially if you’re changing it from one provider to another. Assuming it is set correctly, wait until tomorrow and see if it works.

      As far as your files, unless you explicitly set it to only serve requests for a specific domain, both apache and nginx default to responding to any request with the default page, so it’s unlikely anything file-related. Your issue is almost ceratinly either 1) waiting on DNS propagation, or 2) incorrect DNS configuration.

      • I’m not at my PC now I’m at work but I will post a picture of how it’s setup and you can tell me if it’s setup right something just feels off about