Trying to get Droplet in NYC2 on MySQL to access tables on MySQL droplet in Amsterdam

February 27, 2018 557 views
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I have two droplets - one in Amsterdam ( and one in NYC2 ( - the NYC runs wordpress on MySQL and the first is just a Bootstrap app running on MySQL

I am trying the NYC2 droplet to access tables on the Amsterdam droplet. I have tried various options but cannot get the connection to establish

  1. I removed the bind-address=localhost from myconf as suggested on many articles. allowing the server to listen on all ports on the Amsterdam server
  2. I set up FW rules (which i have now deleted) allowing BOTH servers incoming and outgoing on port 3306
  3. I tried to create a new user on MySQL in Amsterdam but that i could not get right.
  4. I have tried using the same DB connection info eg username/pass/db name etc on NYC2 to connect to the DB on Amsterdam but no go

It just says user rendercast@ not allowed to access dbase

Having spent over 5 hours last night on this - I now am requesting help please !!!!

1 Answer

On your remote MySQL installation find your configuration file – may be /etc/my.cnf depending on your installation choice

Set bind-address to – bind-address=YOUR-SERVER-IP
Set bind-address to – bind-address= – This listens on all interfaces.

Make sure to remove or comment out skip-networking

Log into mysql and create a new user - replace red values

CREATE USER 'newuser'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON * . * TO 'newuser'@'%';


If you have any firewalls running, be sure to open port 3306

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