Trying to get Postgres working on a uby-rails-postgres-nginx-unicorn-512mb-nyc1-01 droplet

August 16, 2016 1.3k views
PostgreSQL Ruby on Rails Ubuntu

I am trying to get postgres working on my droplet.

If I do a port scan for the ip of 5432, it says the port is closed. If I try to access with PGAdminIII, I get an error of 'server doesn't listen'

If I do a psql \conninfo I get

You are connected to database "rails" as user "rails" via socket in "/var/run/postgresql" at port "5432".

I am able to connect with psql and create a test table

rails=> create table test (test varchar (10) );
rails=> /dt
rails-> \d
       List of relations
 Schema | Name | Type  | Owner
 public | test | table | rails
(1 row)


I think the problem could be in my database.yml. Is this the correct code for production?

  <<: *default
  database: rails
  username: rails
  password: <%= ENV['APP_DATABASE_PASSWORD'] %>

I'd appreciate any help in getting pg working

1 Answer

By default PostgreSQL does not listen on your droplet's public IPs so it is not accessible from clients on different computers. This will walk you through enabling remote connections. I would caution that if you do this you should also set up a firewall to restrict access to the now public PostgreSQL service so that only the client IPs you will be using can connect.

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