Trying to install Ajenti admin

Posted May 3, 2015 8.8k views
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Hi I have followed this tutorial

I am running Ubuntu 15.04 the install went fine I added port 8000 to the firewall but when I browse to the site I get this error

This web page is not available


:~# sudo netstat -plutn | grep 8000
tcp 0 0* LISTEN

this is a fresh install of ubuntu with webserver installed WAMP

any idea why it will not load ?

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Have you tried disabling the firewall? IIRC, Ajenti has an option to manage firewall rules, so it’s possible that if you’re running, for example, UFW (which uses iptables) and Ajenti uses another, they are conflicting. Just one possible scenario. I’d have to install Ajenti to see as I don’t have an instance spun up for it.

You can check the status of UFW by:

sudo ufw status

If enabled, that’ll give you a list of ports available. If it’s not enabled, you can use the following to enable Port 8000, set the Default Policy to Deny Incoming and then enable UFW. I would also run the following to add your SSH Port so you’re not disconnected:

sudo ufw allow [SSH-PORT]/tcp

sudo ufw allow 8000/tcp
sudo ufw default deny incoming
sudo ufw enable

the /tcp at the end simply specifies the type of connection allowed (udp would also would and by default, if you don’t specify, both tcp and udp will be enabled for each port allowed).

thanks for your reply I tried creating a new droplet and just installing Ajenti based on the install instructions on there site I also made sure to make sure the 8000 port was enabled in the firewall - same blank page

tried a new droplet with ssh setup and LAMP stack tried to install ajenti again same blank page ?

I am trying to use the latest version of Ubuntu 15.04 I just seem to be going around in circles.

I have run a fresh install centos 7 and then followed this guide

auto install and manual install when I try and run service ajenti restart

I get
Failed to issue method call: Unit ajenti.service failed to load: No such file or directory.

ok so I installed ubuntu 14.04 and the install worked fine I guess there is a problem with 15.04 as I followed the same steps