Trying to install PHPMyAdmin

August 10, 2018 845 views
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I tried to install PHPMyAdmin but I kept getting an error, something about not being able to connect through the socket(s). This was after going through the setup of setting passwords and administrator accounts etc.

I didn't have LAMP, mysql, or PHP installed yet so I uninstalled PHPMyAdmin by purge removing it and deleting the phpmyadmin folder in /etc.

Now when I try to sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin, it asks me if I want to use apache2, and after I say ok, the installation just finishes. I try to go to http://myhost/phpmyadmin and it asks for root@localhost's password which I don't have because it doesn't take me through the installation anymore.

I'm trying to follow this tutorial, and for me it's stopping after apache2 without any (visible) errors. It's not asking for dbconfig-common like it did the first time I tried to install.


1 Answer

The tutorial you linked assumes you have LAMP setup. It seems like you were missing that. If you're not familiar with CLI, you can build server with a control panel like Virtualmin which has one-click phpmyadmin install feature.

Here's a howto, Install Virtualmin on Ubuntu 16.04

If you still prefer to go without a control panel, I can look in to your server. Check my profile for contact info.

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