Trying to set date.timezone in php.ini.

October 14, 2013 5.5k views
i'm trying to install ZenCart on Ubuntu. In the browser window on the installer page, on Step One I click 'Click Here' to begin installation. I get this error: ERROR: date.timezone not set in php.ini. Please contact your hosting company to set the timezone in the server PHP configuration before continuing. so i downloaded the php.ini file from this dir. etc/php5/apached2/php.ini i see this line: ;date.timezone = and change to date.timezone = America/New_York note i removed the semi-colon and upload to server. but still I get the same error when trying to run the ZenCart installer. does anyone know what i'm doing wrong?
2 Answers
i have to restart server. sorry, 'doh!
Glad it's working now :]
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