Trying to store images in my go app in deployed using dokku.

January 12, 2016 1.7k views
Dokku API

I'm pretty new to digital ocean and developed a Go app. The app works by fetching images from sources on the web and store them in a local directory for further serving. The app is working fine in the localhost , but when deployed using dokku , nothing happens. The app cannot seem to find the images.

I searched and found to configure persistent-storage or volume-plugin. I'm confused with this and need help.

Thanks in advance.

1 Answer

Hello, making persistent storage for images (maybe uploads from your users) on DO instance is pretty easy:

  • create some folder on the server that will hold files mkdir -p /opt/dokku/YOUR_APP_NAME/uploads
  • create/configure your app to store files (uploads) somewhere in the project PROJECT_ROOT/uploads
  • setup docker-options for you app dokku docker-options:add YOUR_APP deploy,run "-v /opt/dokku/YOUR_APP_NAME/uploads:/app/uploads"

That last command made Dokku expose PROJECT_ROOT/uploads folder to be linked to /opt/dokku/YOUR_APP_NAME/uploads on the server. So everytime the application writes something to the PROJECT_ROOT/uploads it will in fact write to the /opt/dokku/YOUR_APP_NAME/uploads outside of the container. That way your files will not be destroyed by next deploy.

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