Tutorial Request: ERPNext Platform

June 26, 2016 3.5k views
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Dear Digital Ocean Contributors!

Please place a detailed and step-by-step guide to install ERPNext.com platform from manual installation points of view.

The guys out there are doing good job but it looks like some commits having bad impact on the overall performance.

Please go through and provide clear manual installation guide for the components named Bench, Frappe Framework and ERPNext.

They are calling the last two as Apps based on the 1st one as somehow engine.

Please assume that, non-skilled users like me are looking for installation specific versions of any of the above, in particular Frappe Framework which is not clear out there.

Please consider Ubuntu 14.04, MariaDB, Redis, NodeJS and WKHTMLtoPDF with patched QT.

Assume the source is available for any which is not supposed to be the latest ones.

Thank you!

1 Answer

It appears that they provide a installer for ERPNext. Based on the documentation available the process would be:

1.) Create a new droplet using Ubuntu 14.04 or CentOS 7

2.) Log into the droplet as root

3.) Run the following:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/frappe/bench/develop/playbooks/install.py
sudo python install.py --production

According to the official documentation this will:

This script will:

  • Install pre-requisites like git and ansible
  • Shallow clones this bench repository under /usr/local/frappe/bench-repo
  • Runs the Ansible playbook 'playbooks/develop/install.yml', which:
  • Installs
    • MariaDB and its config
    • Redis
    • NodeJS
    • WKHTMLtoPDF with patched QT
  • Initializes a new Bench at ~/frappe/frappe-bench with frappe framework already installed under apps.

You will have to manually create a new site (bench new-site) and get apps that you need (bench get-app, bench install-app).

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