Two different Discourse sites on one droplet

August 13, 2014 2k views


I’m fairly new to digital ocean and a little confused about using a single droplet for multiple websites. I have a current droplet running one site with Discourse ( installed and working properly. I would now like to add another domain to the same droplet and install another discourse forum for the new site.

Would this be possible? How would I go upon setting this up? Any suggestions would be appreciates. Imagine I’m a complete n00b when it comes to server setup and being able to work my way around it. Just need some guidance. Thanks!

2 Answers

It’s definitely possible. How did you originally install Discourse? If you used their docker guide, you should check out their instructions on setting up a multisite installation. There are also instructions for non-docker installs, but that is no longer the recommended way to install Discourse.

Awesome! I’m going to try this out. Thanks!

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