Two IP addresses?

Posted August 3, 2013 7.8k views
I need two IP addresses, does creating two droplets on different location serves the same purpose?

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Unfortunately due to the limited amount of IPv4 space available globally, we will not be introducing multiple IPv4 addresses on a single droplet.
"... does creating two droplets on different location serves the same purpose?"

It depends on what you need the two IP address for.
I can spin up a new droplet and then "steal" the IP by assigning it to my first droplet?
How do you plan to steal the IP? The KVM servers have NIC also virtualized. I'm not sure what you say it possible.
You can spin up another server then use 'simpleproxy' to forward ports over to the other server. This is the only way ive found to get multiple IP's on a droplet. Just set up what you want on the other ip onto a port, then on the other server proxy the port the program needs to the port its set up on.

apt-get install simpleproxy

Usage (run this command, i recommend running it under crontab)

simpleproxy -L -R

Forwards all connections from to, the first ip ( can just be the port to move any connection from port 80 to the other location (
Out of curiosity, what can be done w/two IPs on one server that cannot be done with two servers?
SSL. There isn't a reliable way to run SSL for more than one domain without having more than one IP address.

*reliably meaning yes; IE is still out there and actively being used. So no, SNI isn't a workable solution.
"SNI isn't a workable solution."