Two questions about Jitsi

October 19, 2016 2.5k views
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1) what is the difference between Jitsi Meet and Jitsi Videobridge? If I want a chat room for multiple people to play role-playing game at the production level, which one is better for me, meet or videobridge?

2) should i host Jitsi on my own server or use Jitsi’s server if i am going to use chat at the production level, however, it is hard for me to estimate the volume of user at this point, is there a estimate out there for Jitsi, like if user hit certain number, then the website should host jitsi on its own server rather than use Jitsi org’s server?

1 Answer

1.) From reading over the documentation, Jitsi Meet is the javascript client that runs in a browser and connects to Jitsi Videobridge (the server component) to facilitate multi user web RTC conferences. By default webRTC can be used for 1:1 communications but some server framework is usually needed for multi-user applications.

2.) Without knowing your usage (and unfortunately we don’t have any benchmarks related to it available) it’s difficult to say from a financial perspective which would be more effective. There is also the time required in administering your server. I would recommend creating a test server and trying it out, doing your own testing on how many users can be supported. I would guess this would prove to be the cheaper option as a web RTC based service should be fairly low on resource use for each connected client.

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