Two servers to communicating with each other to reduce latency

June 13, 2015 3.6k views
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I'm planning to create an API which will be hosted on one droplet and a website access point on another droplet. What I want is that the website will use the API to do everything it needs.

So for example, if my API has the "create post" code, when a user attempts to create a post using the website, it will send a HTTP request to the API to create that post.

I wonder if there is maybe some way to make those 2 droplet communicate with each other without the public network latency, just like 2 computers communicating each other when sitting on the same network.

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This question was answered by @CrypticDesigns:

I think you are looking for private networking. Since a few years digitalocean has this option for all the datacenters. You can find a tutorial about it here:

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