(Ubuntu 12.04) host multiples websites in (var/www and users websites at /home/user/public_html

September 27, 2013 5k views
Hello All My main website files are currently located at /var/www and I have SFTP some users to have own specific folders located at /home/user1 /home/user2 etc... (They can actually SFTP in and upload files etc…) Is there a way to host at the same time in the same ubuntu 12.04 server, sites located at /var/www and located at /home/user? In fact, I have created the virtual host files and enable them with documentRoot /homer/user1/public_html and /home/user2/public_hml but it is not working after a2ensite for user1 and user2 Can you please help to find a better solution? Thanks Jacques
3 Answers
Apache already has an interface for this, see: https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/howto/public_html.html
You might be having permission problems. Make sure that the various .../public_html directories are visible to the public.
What's the output of
stat /home/user1 /home/user1/public_html
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