Ubuntu 12 cronjobs won't run

October 19, 2016 868 views
Ubuntu DigitalOcean

I’m trying to create backup cronjobs. When I run the same command in the console, its working. But when the cronjobs will be executed in crontab nothing happens.

Manually line:

/bin/tar -czf /var/backup_websites/weekly/all_websites.tar.gz /var/www

Cronjob line:

14 11 * * * /bin/tar -czf /var/backup_websites/weekly/all_websites.tar.gz /var/www

I did already change the timezone, this can’t be the problem. I think it is a problem with my permissions, but I did set permissions on 777 for the backup folders (backup_websites and weekly).

Screenshot crontab

1 Answer

Not sure if it’s the source of the problem but using sudo should not be necessary in this case (noticed it in the screenshot). As long as you add it by running crontab -e as root the task will be run as root.

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