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Hi all ,

i was set up lemp and vsftpd. No problem about installing. my question is when i connect to server by ftp , i dont see the nginx’s web folder. i want to use vps as a web server. so i need to upload web files to that folder. i wrote “chown root:root /usr/share/nginx ”. but it doesn’t work. i searched other topics and tutorials but i couldnt find anything.
my web server works right now. thanks for your help.

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  • Hi first of all please make sure you read this article about your server security.

    Initial Server Setup with Ubuntu 14.04

    How To Set Up vsftpd on Ubuntu 12.04

    If you are going to have any server side scripts, make sure you don’t have any security holes in your scripts at least change the file owner and group to another. because root means full access, imaging what they can do if you have a security hole.

    by Etel Sverdlov
    Vsftpd is a fast and secure FTP server. Installing an FTP server can assist you with uploading files to your droplet. This tutorial describes how to install and set up vsftpd on Ubuntu 12.04.
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Chiro -

The default web root folder usually is /usr/share/nginx/html or www

Also, you should probably move your web root to /var/www or /srv/www because it is not good practice to leave it in the /usr/share/nginx folder. You can do this by editing your site web config in /usr/share/nginx/sites-available

  • yeap , i move my web root to under my user files. now i have troubles about permissions. i can’t upload files via my local user. non root. i’m checking the vsftpd tutorials again. thank you romanparish.

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