Ubuntu 14.04 image contains a lot of unneeded packages

Posted June 30, 2014 4.4k views

The Ubuntu 14.04 x32 image doesn’t seem to be cloud optimized. There’s a lot of extra cruft that shouldn’t be there (possibly because of the GUI version of wireshark)

The following commands help to clean up the image.
apt-get –purge remove font* libx11* x11-* landscape-common w3m ntfs-3g ppp libxcl*
apt-get –purge autoremove

I hope DigitalOcean will come with better default images that don’t contain all that cruft.

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  • Just quick warning on this one. If you’re actually running things like nginx it could also be removed. This would likely be a good approach on a bare system before configuration. For what ever reason nginx-full has dependencies on

    • libxcb1:amd64
    • libx11-data
    • libx11-6:amd64
    • fonts-dejavu-core
    • fontconfig-config
    • libfontconfig1:amd64
    • libxpm4:amd64
    • libgd3:amd64 So when removing all those redundant package, at least as part of a server goes, it remove nginx as well.

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That certainly doesn’t seem right. I’ll escalate this to one of our engineers to investigate.


Note that @digitalocean.jj05’s solution may remove nginx. For some reason nginx depends on a font* package and purging them after my upgrade from 12.04 removed nginx as well. I was using ppa:nginx/stable but AFAIK ppa’s are disabled during an upgrade anyway.